I strongly believe in the importance of family and friends and hope to be able to teach these values to my children. The Solomon/Bellamy and McGee/Rogers families are very large and although my parents are divorced both sides of the family are connected forever. All of my grandparents have passed away and I will dedicate another page for them. My father Thomas Bellamy Solomon (aka Asim) works as a social worker in the south suburbs of Illinois.

My dad has 11 siblings: late Uncle Keith, Auntie Joeletha, Auntie Dexter, Auntie Katelyn, Auntie Judy, Auntie Faye (Tut), Uncle Haywood, Uncle Dennis, Uncle Ira, Auntie Dorlisa and Uncle Jasiri (Kirby).

My mother Yvette Irene Solomon (aka Lil' bit or Ife) works for the United States Postal Service and has five siblings: Uncle Marvin, Uncle Larry, Uncle Charles (Pug), Auntie Pat and Auntie Jewel.

Yes, the majority of my aunts and uncles have children and I was raised among my first cousins so they have become some of my closest friends. Royce, Cicily, Toby, Erica, Elliot, Marcus, LeRoy, Leon, Idongesit, Edekin, Evelyn, Jasiri, Keon, Seandra, Angela, Lori, Charles, Kimyatta, Patrick, Lynda, Denise, Porsche, Kina, Eric Jr., Deprise and Tremmel... I love you all.

I am the oldest of four and of course I am very protective over my younger siblings. Jamaal is in the Air Force and currently touring the country with the Tops in Blue. Omar recently graduated from high school, attends Prairie State College and works part-time at Country Inn. Rashida is a freshman at Rich South high school on the road to self-discovery which of course is paved with teenage angst.

Jason can't wait to tell you all about the Strutz and Zakarus family.


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